Norbert Schultze
A prolific German composer of film music, He is best remembered for
having written the melody of the World War II classic "Lili Marleen".

Norbert Schultze Jr.
Norbert Schultze Jr., born 1942, son of the composer
Norbert Schultze is a television
director, but also concerts
and staged for the theater.

Kristian Schultze
Pianist, arranger, composer;
born 1945 in Frankfurt/Oder,
Germany, grew up in Hamburg.

Michael Ballhaus
Cinematographer Michael Ballhaus has worked with
some of the world's finest directors, including Ranier
Werner Fassbinder, Mike Nichols, and Martin
Scorsese. He broke into films after renowned
director and family relation Max Ophuls allowed him to
observe the filming of Lola Montes (1955).

Vera Spohr Corinna Reich Tilmann Dehnhard